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Product Review: Amy's Kitchen Comfort Foods

Hi all! Today I am going to give you an honest rundown of some Amy's Kitchen prepackaged "comfort foods". These meals can be found in the frozen section of your supermarket as well as in the canned goods. Amy's is so great about working for people with strict diets or tough allergies, offering a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. For this reason, check your labels! Not all Amy's products are strictly vegan, but they do make it easy to distinguish which ones are vegan listing "(VEGAN)" in the beginning of the ingredients list as well as the "certified vegan" stamp somewhere on the box. Amy's also lists "gluten free", "dairy free", "soy free", "tree nut free" labels on their products for ease of selection. 


The three items I review today are available at my local Whole Foods. Depending on where you live these foods may be more or less available. 


Vegan No Chicken Noodle Soup


Who doesn't love a hot bowl of soup on a cool fall day, or when feeling ill? This No-Chicken noodle soup has Tofu bits in it which so accurately mimic the taste and texture of chicken that I found myself checking the ingredients list after the first bite! I really love the taste of this soup- the only con is that it is not a chunky style soup. This means that most of the bits in the soup are very small, and the noodles are long spaghetti noodles which makes eating hearty bites a tough task. My recommendation? For a fast meal when under the weather- get this soup! Adding noodles or rice into the soup or serving with a side of toast will help you get your calorie count up, and soak up more of that tasty broth!



Gluten Free, Dairy Free Mac and Cheeze

This microwavable small plate is also soy free! I know what you're thinking... Gluten free, Soy free, Dairy free, how good could it be? I set myself up for disappointment (as finding a good vegan mac and cheeze is not easy-for me) but I was so pleasantly surprised! This mac and cheeze was gooey, tasty, and even sizzled and bubbled like real cheese does in the microwave. I like a little extra spice, so I add Franks Red Hot Sauce, and some chopped tomatoes. It turns out Amy's uses Daiya cheese for this masterpiece (I do not like Daiyas shredded or sliced cheeze products but when it comes to mac and cheeze their brand has been my favorite so far). Also, I just have to shout out to Franks Hot Sauce company-it's my absolute favorite condiment of all time. The only downside to this plate is that it is small and it is not very cheap where I am- but when buying pre-made meals, convenience is a part of the cost. This will suit well as a side with some veggies or a sandwich. 



Vegan Margherita Pizza

I cant even contain my excitement for this one!! VEGAN PIZZA! I am determined to find out what brand of vegan mozzerella they are using because it was incredible. Melty, gooey, and a little sticky; it was divine. The Vegan Margherita pizza used to be made with Daiya brand cheeze, but it appears that they have changed brands based on the box since then. The actual pizza is somewhat small for a pretty penny, but I will splurge on this any time I want to indulge my tastebuds. The crust is fluffy and crunchy at the same time. I can't express enough how excited I am to get this pizza again. Are you in the mood for a little extra flavor? Add some balsamic reduction and fresh basil (SO TOP NOTCH!), or go crazy with Franks Red Hot sauce. Allergy warning, this pizza is not gluten free but it is soy free and of course dairy free!



Many of us can say we cringe at the thought of giving up mac and cheese, pizza or chicken noodle soup for good. Thanks to Amy's Kitchen you don't have to become a master chef to prepare vegan versions of these dishes at home in minutes. If you're curious about a product but not sure if it is carried at your local supermarket- head over to their website and search your zip code in the "where to buy" tab. If your supermarket doesn't carry an item, let them know that there is demand for it. Don't get mad at me if you accidentally slip over to their "our foods" section and somehow find yourself really hungry! 






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