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Recipe: Tarragon Tempeh "Chicken" Salad


This recipe brings a little twist to a classic dish. Tarragon adds a slightly sweet and spicy tang to this "chicken" salad. Tempeh replaces the chicken in this dish which eliminates all of the cholesterol and keeps all of the flavor. Tempeh is high in Monounsaturated fat and Polyunsaturated (essential Omega-3 & -6) fats which are known as the "good" fats (source). In 1/2 cup of tempeh you consume 15.5 grams of protein, making it the perfect high-protein, low-carb meal for anyone trying to stay full and satisfied! Calcium, Vitamin B-6, Potassium, Iron, and Magnesium are also all present in high quantities in tempeh which is fantastic news for any vegan who is concerned with getting all their vitamins and minerals in their diet. My favorite ways to eat this salad are with crustini bread or on toasted wheat bread with lettuce.  (scroll down for recipe)


You will need:

2 8-oz packages Organic Tempeh

2 Medium Carrots

6 Stalks Celery

1/2 Medium Red Onion

Juice of 1/2 Lemon

1 Cup Veganaise

1 TBSP Yellow Mustard






Cut the tempeh blocks into small cubes and add them to a large bowl.

Dice the Carrots, Celery, and onion and add them to the tempeh. Squeeze lemon juice into the bowl.

Add the Veganaise and  mustard and combine the ingredients till mixed well.

Add spices to taste.

I added salt, pepper and paprika in very small amounts, & about 4 tablespoons of tarragon.

In my batch I used a tiny bit of onion powder and oregano, but they are not important to the recipe.


This recipe can be halved very easily. It's also worth noting that everyone has different preferences when it comes down to the amount of 'mayo' that should be in a chicken salad- feel free to add more or less mayo to taste- start small and build up as you see fit. This recipe makes about 7-8 cups worth of salad so its a great party dish or meal-prep dish for a weeks worth of lunches & snacks. Enjoy!





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