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Meal Prep Madness: Vegan Smoothies of the Rainbow

October 25, 2018


Starting today I will begin a series of recipe blogs called "meal prep madness". These articles are intended to get you information quickly so you can prepare for a busy week ahead. If you're like me you would rather get all your cooking out of the way at once, and only have to make light preparations once dinner time comes about. This particular MPM recipe blog will be about one of my favorite on-the-go snacks: SMOOTHIES! When prepared thoughtfully a smoothie can help stave off hunger and keep you energized and alert between meals. Smoothies are also a great place to sneak in servings of veggies and protein under the guise of a sweet treat.


I decided to make a smoothie for all the colors of ROY G BIV, except indigo, which I replaced with pink for more variety. These recipes are not at all specific, I usually just fill up my blender till its 1/2 filled with frozen produce and vegan yogurt, then fill the remainder of the blender with orange juice, tea, water, or dairy milk. If these measurements are too thick for your licking, decrease the amount of frozen foods used and increase liquids. Feel free to use fresh or frozen produce for any of the following recipes, and adjust the amount of each ingredient you use to cater to your tastes. Frozen produce will result in a thicker smoothie.


Red- Rich Cherry Cocao 

2 cups pitted cherries

1 banana

2 TBSP almond butter (or another nut butter)

1 Tsp cocoa 

1.5 Cups almond milk

Fill to top with hibiscus tea (or green tea)


Orange- Super C Sips

1/2 Cup mango

1/2 Cup peaches

1/2 Cup papaya

1/2 Cup strawberries

1 Cup vegan vanilla yogurt (or plain) for thickness

Fill to top with Orange Juice 


Yellow- Bright Turmeric Delight

1 Cup pineapple 

1 banana

1 Cup Mango

1 Cup vegan vanilla yogurt (or plain) for thickness

Half inch piece of fresh turmeric or 1 tsp powdered

Pinch of black pepper (increases bioavailability of turmeric)

Fill to top with orange or apple juice


Green- Super Sweet Salad

Handful spinach

1.5 Cups pineapple

Handful of kale

1 Cup frozen kiwi or two fresh kiwis, peeled

1 banana or 1 apple sliced

Fill to top with orange or apple juice


Blue- Dark Berry Bliss

1/2 Cup blueberries

1/2 Cup blackberries

1 cup strawberries

Handful spinach 

Fill to top with apple, crape, or cranberry juice with water


Pink- Sweet Bright Hydration

1.5 Cup fresh cantaloupe

1.5 Cup fresh watermelon

1/2 Cup mango

1/2 Cup raspberries

Fill to top with orange juice or almond milk 


Violet- Berry Bliss 2.0

1/2 Cup blueberries 

1/2 Cup blackberries 

1/2 Cup raspberries

1/2 Cup cherries

1/2 Cup rolled oats

Fill rest of way with orange juice/ apple juice and green or hibiscus tea


I encourage you to check out these recipes alongside my blog post about smoothie enhancers. All of these smoothies can be improved in flavor and antioxidant content with small boosters like cinnamon or vanilla plant based protein powder. Thanks for reading! Read more on "Smoothie Boosters" here


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